Buy Your Sofa Here & Save!

Dickson City & Wilkes-Barre, PA

Factory surplus pricing on ALL sofas, loveseats, sectionals & recliners including leather and a large selection of power motion sets.  All sofas are made with SERTA upholstery & all solid wood frame construction.  Interest free financing and delivery available.  All sofas made in the USA! .

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serta upholstery

Thunder Mineral

thunder mineral

Soprano Radical

5600 soprano radical

Sienna Chocolate

980 Suave Chocolate

Sienna Stone

1085 - Sienna Stone

Top Flight Green

1575 Top Flight Green

Stoked Ashes

4600 Stoked Ashes
solid wood frames

Laramie Tanner

3800 new Laramie Tanner

Marshall Walnut


Sienna Mocha

1000 Sienna Moch

Flyer Metal

1225 Flyer - Metal

Laramine Charcoal

3800 Laramine Charcoal

Radar Cafe

4975 Radar Cafe

Radar cafe

radar cafe



Marshal Black

1025 Marshal Black

Expo Henna

1575 Expo Henna


4375 - Cannon


5500 - Heavenly